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Workshops & Parallel Session Proposal Submission

Workshops & Parallel Session Proposal Form British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2024

Workshop & Parallel Session Proposal Submissions are no longer available!

The British Pain Society is inviting proposals for workshops and parallel sessions for its 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting. The BPS ASM is a unique opportunity to share research, insights, and best practice with our multidisciplinary professional community.

Workshops and sessions are a popular and interactive part of our programme that provide delegates with opportunities for knowledge transfer, professional development, and collaborative learning.

If you are interested to submit a proposal, please provide as much information as you can on your proposed session using this form. Further guidance is provided below, and if you have any questions or require any support to complete this form, please contact


Please click HERE to download the below form in PDF version. 


Title of Session

Please include an indicative title for your session

Main session topic area


Session Organiser

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Organisers contact details

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Session summary

Please provide a 200-word synopsis of what you would like to cover in your session including the session format.




Why is this session timely?

Please describe why this session is particularly relevant or important for the next ASM

Proposed learning outcomes

What will attendees get out of this session?

Chairperson /position/email address / Country (ideally one of the Speakers)

Name here (including title and position as you want it to appear in the brochure and the app)

Speaker 1 /position/email address / Country

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Presentation 3 Title


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How do the proposed speakers provide diverse perspectives on the topic?

Please provide comment on the variety of experience, background, and career amongst the speakers

How are you going to encourage audience interaction?

Please provide details

Any specific requirements (i.e. room layout- or equipment)

Please specify any requirements


  • The ASM will take place in-person from 4-6 June 2024 in Nottingham.
  • Each parallel slot is 80 minutes long.
  • Typically, a parallel session will have 2-3 speakers and the organiser will be a speaker or a chair. Where chairs are not identified, we will appoint one from within the Scientific Programme Committee or Council.
  • This year, BPS ASM is offering a fixed amount of £600 to cover any expenses related to the ASM, such as travel and accommodation. The session organisers are allowed to distribute this amount according to their discretion. We aim to provide fair and flexible financial support, ensuring that everyone can participate comfortably, regardless of their location or specific needs.
  • The average of the accommodation fee is £115 single occupancy & £125 double occupancy per night.
  • Organisers will be entitled to receive a complimentary daily registration for the day which they will have their session. If the organizer would like to attend the whole meeting, the full registration price will be discounted.
  • Organisers should approach speakers/chair on the basis that at this stage it is only being considered for inclusion in the BPS ASM programme. If the proposal is accepted, the organiser is responsible for formally inviting the speakers and relaying the scheduling information when confirmed.
  • It is possible that based on the submissions received, we may request changes to some of the proposed speakers or titles.
  • Speakers should generally not be from a single clinical or academic unit.
  • Please ensure that your proposed session(s) are based on scientific or other academic literature.
  • Poorly completed forms and those missing information will be automatically rejected.

Please return your completed form to by Wednesday 29th November