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University College London

Amanda C de C Williams is Professor of clinical health psychology at University College London, and a consultant clinical psychologist at the Pain Management Centre, University College London Hospital, UK. She also works for the International Centre for Health and Human Rights, and is section editor for psychology for PAIN.

From 1989, she was a full-time clinician in a large pain management programme for many years, evaluating various aspects of the programme. After completing her PhD in 1996, she moved increasingly into academic positions, joining University College London in 2004. She still works half a day a week in chronic pain management and for several years she worked for a torture survivor charity.

Amanda’s particular interests are application of evidence-based medicine to pain, including evaluation of psychologically-based treatments by systematic review and meta-analyses; trustworthiness of data; developing evolutionary perspectives on pain and behaviour associated with pain, in humans and in other animals; behavioural expression of pain and its interpretation by clinicians; pain from torture and its better recognition and treatment; and the use of responsive wearable technology to extend healthcare into patients’ own environments. She has presented work at national and international pain meetings. and written over 300 papers and chapters: publications can be found on